How Many Watts To Charge A Laptop? | Complete Guide

How many watts to charge a laptop

How many watts to charge a laptop battery? It depend on the battery size and specifications how much watts a laptop requires, the wattage of each laptop is different. The average wattage a laptop requires is From 30 watts to 300 watts.

It all depends on the specifications of your laptop. There are many factors that determine how many watts to charge a laptop. I have listed most of these factors so you can calculate the exact wattage needed to charge your laptop.

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How Many Watts To Charge A Laptop

Many electronic components in laptops require a lot of energy to function. The battery is designed by laptop manufacturers to provide the required power for the entire laptop to function effectively.

Gaming laptops, require more power to work efficiently. This means that the battery will consume more watts and need to be charged more frequently. Simple laptops require less power because they don’t run high-end applications or games and thus need less watts to charge. Below are the two main factors that you must consider in order to determine the number of watts your laptop will need to change.

1. Batteries

The battery is designed based on the power consumption of all other components of the laptop. To make a laptop work in standalone mode, batteries supply all the necessary power to the components.

The battery capacity of normal laptops are less than the gaming laptops. The gaming laptops can run at 86 watts per hour. The average battery capacity ranges between 50-watts to 90-watts per hour. The user manual will show you how much power is required to charge your laptop.

2. Charging adaptor

The charger is designed to meet the requirements of the laptop, as well as the battery capacity. The sticker on the back of the charger will give you an idea of the watts required to charge your laptop.

Because some components require high power, such as graphics cards, the power rating of the charger should be higher than the battery capacity. If you want to play games, make sure that the charger is connected to your laptop before you start playing. Otherwise, the battery will drain very quickly.


A laptop’s energy consumption is mostly dependents on how much power the battery needs to operate in it’s stand-alone mode. There are few components that use the most watts in a laptop. To find out how many watts to charge a laptop, there are two main factors that are battery and charging adaptor.

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