How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard | Detailed Guide 2023

how much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard

If your Laptop keys are missing or not working properly, you are thinking to replace them and concern how much does it cost to replace a laptop keyboard? Replacing your Keyboard cost between $20 to $80 depending on the laptop model.

You can replace keyboard by yourself, the process isn’t difficult as you think. Even though every laptop is different the process of removing keyboard is just like removing cover by removing few screws and disconnect cable.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can easily do this at your home. But, be aware will not take any responsibility for any damage that could occur to your laptop in the process of removing it.

If you need to open the entire laptop to replicate our procedure then you should contact an expert to do the work.

Make sure your laptop is still covered by warranty before doing anything different. If it is, you may be able repair it for free.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Keyboard

Find A Substitute Keyboard.

The first step is to find the ideal keyboard to replace. Compare rates on amazon, Google, or eBay.

Verify that the keyboard you are purchasing matches the exact model of your laptop. You can check from the It bottom of your laptop.

You can also get the keyboard from manufacturer’s by contacting their customer support department.

Step By Step Guide How To Replace A Laptop Keyboard

Search on the internet to get precise instructions on replacing your laptop keyboard. There’s a slight chance that the laptop is different and comes with an entirely different method of replacement as compared to the typical one that is explained.

Make sure to check your laptop’s manufacturer as well as the store where you bought the replacement keyboard, to see whether it comes with specific DIY repair instructions.

Some manufacturers manual services. If not, search the Web to find ” how to replace a keyboard” by the model number of your laptop.

Let’s get started! Verify that you purchased the correct keyboard and examining whether it is in the right form and dimensions.

After that, get all your equipment: a small screwdriver to take out the screws, and a butter knife or a tiny or flat tool for removing any cover.

Make sure that the laptop is fully turned off  and the battery should be removed.

Examine the cover/trim part between the keyboard and the screen where the keyboard is in place. Remove any screws that appear to assist in keeping the cover in place.

Take off the trim piece that holds the laptop keyboard with care. Do not tear the cord off from the laptop it  damage the connector or cable.

After that scrape the surface using your hands, use an ice cream knife or another thin flat tool to remove it up with care.

The cover could snap with a little force quickly. However, do not apply or break it with too much force.

If the screw does not seem to be coming off, look for any screws remaining that are below the laptop in order to keep it in place. Remove them.

After the cover or cut piece has been removed, place it aside. If it is connected to the laptop through an data cable, remove it without damaging the cable.

Remove the screws that hold the keyboard. generally there are two to five screws located above the keyboard.

When you are pulling the keyboard up, keep in mind that the back of the keyboard is connected to the data cable which connects to your laptop.

The majority of the time, the cable isn’t too loose Be very cautious when you pull it up. It is crucial that the cable doesn’t get pulled off the laptop and the connector is not damaged.

Handle the keyboard with care  and then unlock the cable connector by pressing the button on the connector. After that, cut the cord of the data , and put aside the keyboard.

Examine the new keypad and then line it up and then connect your data cable onto the laptop typically by inserting the cable in the direction it can go.

With the data cable put the keyboard in position, and be cautious not to damage or pull the cable. Replace the screws to keep the keyboard in place and reconnect the drive and cover piece. Reinsert the screws you removed.

After completing all steps, If all goes according to plan you will be able to use a perfect keypad at a fraction of expense of a skilled repair service!

How To Fix A Laptop Keyboard With Water Damage?

It’s a very difficult task to fix a laptop keyboard with water damage since moisture may get into other vital circuits on the laptop and result in more damage.

First, turn off your laptop and then remove the battery. The quicker you can power down your laptop to its lowest level, the lower chance of harm.

The next step is to disassemble your laptop. Fortunately, all laptop model comes with instructions how to disassemble, and the majority of laptops are specifically designed to make it easy to disassemble.

In some cases, you’re will need screwdriver to disassemble. Some people require the tools you typically find in laptop kit repair.

The objective is to eliminate all moisture from laptop. It’s a lengthy process that demands patience and vigilance .

After all the moisture is out the laptop keyboard will work fine.


1. How Much Time Does It Take To Replace A Laptop Keyboard?

While the job itself will take no more than an hour, they will need to perform other tasks such as replacing entire screen, logic board and much more!

2. What To Do When Your Laptop Keyboard Stops Working?

Go to your Device Manager Find the keyboards, expand the list and select Standard PS/2 Keyboard and upgrade the driver. Check if your keyboard is working after the update. If not, remove the driver and install again.