How To Enable Function Keys On Toshiba Laptop | Detailed Guide 2024

how to enable function keys on toshiba laptop

You have a Toshiba laptop but don’t know how to enable function keys on Toshiba laptop? Function keys are identified as “Fn” and is located at the bottom left of the keyboard on the Toshiba laptop. By using this key, you can perform function tasks such as adjusting the brightness level, locking system as well as enable wireless connectivity.

To perform any functionality press the “Fn” key and any function keys with the letters F1 to F12. I will teach you how to enable function keys on your Toshiba laptop so that you can perform these tasks effectively.

How To Enable Function Keys On Toshiba Laptop

When you want to use shortcuts to complete your tasks, the function keys are very helpful. The function keys can malfunction or stop functioning if certain settings are changed on your Toshiba Laptop.

How To Enable Function Keys On Toshiba Laptop In 5 Steps

Step 1: Click “Start”, icon. Go to “All Programs,” and click  “Toshiba.”

Step 2: Click ‘Utilities’ then the _Accessibility”.

Step 3: In accessibility, Enables the ‘Fn’ key to function, After customizing your screen preferences, click the “Ok” button.

Step 4:  To check if the “Fn key” has been activated, press the “Fn” and “Esc” keys simultaneously. This will display the volume icon and allow you to toggle the sound on or off.

Step 5: If the volume icon doesn’t appear, press the “Fn”, and the “Num Lock”, keys simultaneously. If your Toshiba model doesn’t have the “Num Lock”, you can use the F11 keys. Next, check the Fn key again by repeating step 4.

Now, your Toshiba laptop’s function key should have been activated successfully.

If the “Fn key” is not working after you’ve followed these 5 steps, your Toshiba laptop may have a hardware problem. It will need to be checked by a qualified laptop technician.

How To Switch Function Keys To Standard Mode On Toshiba laptop?

You can perform functions by pressing f1 to f12 keys without presing “fn” key. This is the Standard mode in which the F1 to F12 button’s function is activated. To perform special option you can press “fn” key to perform function.

You can switch how functions keys can perform on your Toshiba laptop through using the HWsetup program. In this program, choose “Keyboard” and then click “option”. Then you have the option to make your function keys function in the standard format or in a special format.

Save the settings before closing the HWsetup program.

This option isn’t available on all Toshiba laptops since some have the special mode as the default choice.

How To Enable Volume Keys On Toshiba Laptop?

You can enable volume keys on Toshiba laptop by following these steps

  1. Select volume icon at the bottom left corner of the taskbar.
  2. Press and hold the left button of your mouse. Now you can increase or decrease the volume up and down.
  3. Click “Start” icon, Go to “Hardware and Sound” option.
  4. Choose “Adjust System Volume” option to adjust the volume of different multimedia functions in your Toshiba laptop. Slide the slider upwards and downwards to enhance or reduce the sound quality for any of your media files.

Function Keys Not Working On Windows 10?

This issue can be fixed by using the hardware troubleshooter on your laptop. Follow these steps to fix the issue.

  • Click Windows + I to launch Settings.
  • Click on Update and Security option.
  • Select the Troubleshoot option.
  • Run troubleshoot program
  • Let the troubleshoot to complete.
  • Verify your function keys once more.


1. F2 Button Not Working on Toshiba Laptop?

If the F2 key not working on your Toshiba laptop. Your Flashcard Driver needs to be restarted. To do that, Go to “All Programs” and click “Utilities” under the “Toshiba” option. Now click  “Restart Flash Card.” Make sure you have unchecked the “disable all function keys” box.

2. How To Lock Your Toshiba Laptop With The Fn Key?

You can lock your Toshiba Laptop by pressing “Fn” and the F1 key simultaneously. This will lock your laptop.

3. How To Turn On Bluetooth On A Toshiba Laptop With The Fn Key?

You can turn on Bluetooth by pressing  “Fn” and F8 key simultaneously. This will turn on the Bluetooth connection.


I’m hope this guide will help you to understand how to enable function keys on Toshiba laptop.  Function keys let users to perform tasks, such as the adjusting volume levels, screen brightness in your laptop.

Now you can impart the knowledge you’ve learned here how to enable function keys on Toshiba laptops with people who have Toshiba laptops.

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