How To Find AirPods Case Without AirPods Inside in 2024

how to find AirPods case without AirPods inside

Losing your AirPods case can be very frustrating and heart breaking.  If you’re having trouble finding your AirPods case. In this article I will guide How To Find AirPods Case Without AirPods Inside.

The most appealing aspect of the Airpods are the ability to utilize it at any time and listen to your favourite music or talk to your loved ones. But, maintaining maintaining the AirPods and its case isn’t easy.

There are plenty of AirPods users who have lost their AirPods and the worst part is that the AirPods are not in the case and finding it become more difficult.

For your convenience we’ve done some research about how to find Airpods case without Airpods Inside and have list down the solutions.

How To Find AirPods Case Without AirPods inside

We will discuss few methods how to find AirPods Case without AirPods inside in 2024.

Method 1:

  • Open app “find my iPhone” on your phone.
  • The list of devices compatible with the AirPod will be listed.
  • Now verify the case for your AirPods.
  • Check if there is green light flashing in your AirPods
  • Now track your AirPods.  Tap the “car” icon chase the track. You will see where it takes to.

If you follow this simple method, you’ll be able to find your AirPods case. If this method doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worrying, we have  another method!

Method 2:

The main distinction between this method and the earlier one is the sound.

  • Similar to the previous method, open “find my iPhone” on  y our phone.
  • List of devices linked to your AirPods will be displayed. It is important to select the AirPod case. It will show the green light on your AirPod.
  • If the green light is on be happy, your case will be found.
  • Now trace your Airpods Case.
  • If you get a grey light, it’s mean your AirPods are dead or lost for good. 

Can I Find AirPods Case with Serial Number?

No, It’s impossible to locate your AirPods case with the serial number.

Your serial number can only be used for replacement. Contact the Apple store using your serial number and they’ll replace your AirPods for a fee.

How To Find AirPods Case Without iPhone?

  • Go to and search my iPhone on the left.
  • Login to your account linked to your AirPods.
  • Select “All devices” and then click AirPods.
  • Under connected device you will see the location of the device. It also shows devices that are “Offline.”
  • Now look for “How to find the My AirPods Case. If the option is not vissible you can not find your AirPods it’s outside of the range.

The good thing is that the app can show you the location in which the AirPods were last connected but it won’t reveal the location where you lost the case.

How Far AirPods be Tracked?

The standard Bluetooth distance is around 40 feet (10 meters). If you have lost your AirPods you can not locate them, the distance between you and the AirPods doesn’t matter.If you’re talking about the distance they can provide the signal.

Can Previous Owner Track AirPods?

After AirPods are reset, it’s impossible to trace the AirPods. If your AirPods are stolen or lost you, Despite having “Find My AirPods” feature, you can only track them if they are not reset.


In this article, we’ve list down the quickest and simplest, methods you can use to find your AirPods case. If you’re wondering if you can make it happen try following methods, if successful, you can share the information with your friends.

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