How To Flip Screen On Dell Laptop | Detailed Guide 2024

how to flip screen on dell laptop

If you are having trouble while working on your dell laptop you can flip the laptop to get the perfect viewing angel to capture details or a glimpse of a photograph you are working. Learn how to flip screen on a Dell laptop. in easier and less awkward way.

How To Flip Screen On Dell Laptop

These shortcuts keys allow you to flip screen. Press the “Ctrl”, “Alt” keys, and down arrow key to flip your screen. You can also change the orientation of the screen by going to the settings.

How To Flip Screen On Dell Laptop Through Settings

Display orientation

  • Click Start/ Settings/ System.
  • Now go to the Display section.
  • You will find the following options in the Display section: “Brightness and Color”, “Windows HD Color”, “Scale and Layout”, and “Multiple Displays”. 
  • Click on “Display Orientation”.

Select your orientation

  • There are four options available in “Display orientation”: Portrait, Landscape, Landscape (Flipped), and Portrait (Flipped).
  • Landscape will be the default horizontal orientation. Portrait is the vertical orientation. Landscape (Flipped) horizontal orientation that has a 90deg flip.  Portrait Flipped) vertical orientation has a 90deg flip.

You may feel disoriented or impressed when you change the orientation of your display. You will see a warning sign from some OS asking you to confirm the operation to complete.

If don’t confirm the operation, Windows will wait for 10 seconds before restoring the original orientation. You can return to the default orientation by following the same steps as before once you have completed your flipped screen.

How To Flip Your Screen Through Shortcut Method 

You can also flip the screen using this shortcut method.

Display Orientation

  • Click the right button on your mouse
  • Select “Display settings”.
  • You will be taken to the Display section.

Select your orientation

Select the orientation that you require. Landscape default horizontal orientation. Portrait vertical orientation. Landscape (Flipped) horizontal orientation with a 90deg flip.  Portrait (Flipped ) vertical orientation which has a 90deg flip.

How To Flip Your Screen Through Keyboard Shortcuts

This feature is not available on all Dell models.

  • Click and hold the keys “alt” + “ctrl” simultaneously and click the “right” arrow (–>).
  • Your screen should be turned 90 degrees to the right.
  • Click “alt”+” “ctrl and “left” arrow ( <– ) to bring the screen back to its default position.
  • Click “alt”+” “ctrl and up and down arrows to flip screen 90 degree upwards or downwards.

How To Flip Screen On 2 in 1 Dell Laptop

You’ll likely find your screen flipping automatically if you own a 2-in-1 laptop. You can change the settings to make your device stop doing this.

  • Go to your settings,
  • check the “Rotation Lock”
  • Check if rotation is locked or unlocked.
  • If it is locked, the screen won’t flip even if you use a keyboard.
  • Unlock the rotation, If you want the screen to flip freely .

How To Flip Your Screen With The Action Center

Another way to flip the screen is using the Activity Center on your laptop. In Windows 10, the action center is located in the lower-right corner of your device.

  • Click on the Action Center icon.
  • The Action Center displays a quick access to many settings.
  • Click “rotation lock”. The screen will be fixed if you activate the “rotation locks”.

Note  – Not all 2 in 1 laptops have this feature.


There are many ways to flip the screen on Dell laptop. You can do it through the settings, keyboard shortcuts, and from rotation lock. Just make sure you are paying attention to what you are doing from the right perspective.

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