How To Get Air Bubbles Out Of Screen Protector [ Fixed ]

how to get air bubbles out of screen protector

How To Get Air Bubbles Out Of Screen Protector

It’s frustrating but it’s normal to stare down at your smartphone screen to see you’ve got bubbles beneath the screen protector.

They are very unappealing to the eye but sometimes, they can create issues for your gadget. It can be annoying, you don’t need to rush to buy a new protector. In this article I will guide you how to get air bubbles out of screen protector

What is the reason bubbles appear? Additionally, once they’ve formed what can you do to get bubbles off from the screen protector?

How Bubbles Are Form?

Screen protectors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Privacy screen protector protect your information from peers. Screen protectors made of glass are fantastic, they protect the screen from scratches.

Bubbles can form because of the existence of a cavity or void in the glue that is used to secure your screen protector to the device. This can occur at any time of installation, all the way to several years down the line.

When installing the protector, bubbles form due to improper installation. It could be that the screen protector was not properly placed at the first time around, or dust was on the screen, or oily marks on glass are hindering an effective seal.

A lot of pressure placed on the protector’s screen due to drops or even excessively aggressive texting may cause the protector’s surface to shift and form bubble in protector.

Step By Step Guide How To Get Air Bubbles Out Of Screen Protector

There are 4 steps how to get air bubbles out of screen protectors and how to prevent them from causing.

Step 1:

When you are installing the screen protector make sure you wash your hands with soap. Make sure you are in a clean environment and ensure that your screen is clean. Remove any dust on the screen or on the screen protector.

Step 2:

When you place the screen protector over the screen, make sure it is aligned. So, you do not need to adjust the screen protector once it’s made contact with the screen. Let the screen protector create a seal prior to removing any bubbles.

Step 3:

If bubbles pop up in the process, you can use any plastic card, such as a credit card to push each bubble towards an edge of the screen. Make sure to push into one direction to remove all bubbles.

Step 4:

If a bubble gets stuck at the edge and cannot be removed simply lift the closest edge from the protector using a tiny piece of a plastic. Do not use your fingers as the oil that is absorbed by your skin can influence the glue that is on the protector and could lead to more problems.


When To Buy A New Screen Protector?

At times, even having followed the guidelines on how to get air bubbles out of screen protector is not working effectively.

You’re unable to remove all bubbles out of the screen’s main area, or perhaps the glue has failed or, even more importantly you’ve accidentally scratched or damaged the screen protector during the process. In such cases the best solution is to change your screen protector.

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