How To Make Your Screen Brighter Than Max | Detailed Guide

how to make your screen brighter than max

The quality of the laptop screen has improved to a new level. Learn how to make your screen brighter than max in an easiest way.

These advanced laptop screens allow anyone to adjust the brightness of their screen automatically. These screens are brighter than older laptop screens.

Using third-party apps such as reconciliation brightness and other lighting effects can make your screen brighter than max.

To make your screen brighter than max follow these methods bellow, you must pay attention to the details and follow the steps.

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How To Make Your Screen Brighter Than Max – Step By Step Guide

There are 3 ways to make your screen brighter than max. The first is to install Brightness software, the second is to use the Color Calibration Wizard, and the third is to adjust the brightness level of your Laptop screen using the menu.

If you have set your laptop’s brightness level to 100% and still not feel satisfied. Let’s talk about how to adjust the brightness of your laptop.

Adjust Brightness Levels Using Keyboard

You can adjust the brightness level of your laptop to brighten or dim by looking for the sun icon on your keyboard.

You can adjust brightness levels on a Windows laptop from menu. This is indicated by a message icon at the bottom right. Click on the expand button to adjust brightness and contrast.

Shortcut to Windows Brightness Level

Go to the Action Center Menu of your Windows to make your laptop’s screen brighter than max. The brightness bar will appear on the right side of your laptop screen. To make your laptop screen brighter, you can drag the brightness level bar to its maximum setting.

The keyboard method for adjusting brightness levels on MacBooks is different. The following steps can be used to adjust the brightness of MacBooks.

Click on the Apple menu to increase your screen’s brightness level.

If you’ve tried all the steps above and still want to improve the brightness, you can use the following methods.

Use The Color Calibration Wizard

In Windows laptop, follow the steps bellow to increase screen brightness using Color Calibration Wizard:

  •  Click on the Start Menu at the lower left of your screen.  
  •  Click on Settings icon.  
  •  Now click on the “System” option.  
  •  Scroll down to the “Advanced display settings” in the “Multiple displays” menu.  
  •  When you click on Display adapter properties for Display 1, the “Color management” bar will popup.
  •  Now. Click on the Advanced menu tab.  
  •  Click on calibrate your display.  
  •  You can increase or decrease the brightness of your screen.

If you’re using a MacBook, the Color Calibration Wizard steps will be different.

  • Click on System Preferences.
  • Select the Display option.
  • Click on the Color.
  • Click on Calibrate.
  • Now you can increase or decrease the brightness of your screen.

Use Brightness Software

You can also use softwares to increase the brightness of your laptop. There are many software available that can brighten your laptop’s display beyond the maximum.increase your laptop screen brighter than max.

Brightness Software like Lux App, Gama Panel and Lamin App for Windows allow you to increase the brightness of your laptop’s screen to the max.

The Brightness Slider App is a great choice for MacBooks. This software allows you to adjust your brightness levels directly from the menu bar.

Software apps that increase the brightness of your laptop screen as well as good for your eyes health. They reduce strain by long viewing. These apps can save your laptop’s battery life.

How To Disable the Automatic Brightness Feature

Most laptops have an Automatic Brightness Feature that minimizes straining of the eyes due to prolonged viewing and saves your battery. Sometimes, however, it can cause some video to not be as bright as you want.

  • Follow these steps bellow:
  • Click the start menu on the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Click on the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Software and Hardware options.
  • Under this menu, click Power Option.
  • Under the performance plan option, click the Plan Settings.
  • Use the calibration bar to adjust the brightness levels

Use this method on all laptop brands including Macbooks to disable the automatic brightness feature.


How To Make your Chromebook’s Screen Brighter Than Max!

You can increase the brightness of your Chromebook’s screen by pressing the function keys that include the sun icon. You can increase or decrease the brightness.

What cause random brightness and dimming of a laptop screen?

This can happen when your laptop’s battery stops working, or if your laptop has been infected by a virus.


This article will show you how to make your laptop’s screen brighter than max. A laptop’s screen brightness is a key factor in how much you can enjoy multimedia content. 

It is important to ensure that your eyes are not affected by the brightness of the screen and your laptop’s battery life does not suffer.

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