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How To Measure Laptop Screen Size in 2024 | Detailed Guide

how to measure laptop screen size

When buying a laptop picking the right size could be an overwhelming task. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, learn how to measure laptop screen size?

Laptops are useful because they’re lightweight and portable you can carry them everywhere.

To determine the your laptop screen size in the correct way, you’ll have to measure it from the bottom corner of the screen on one side up to the top edge of the opposite side. It is important to note that you are measuring the screen with no plastic edge.

Although two laptops may have the same screen size, but that doesn’t mean that their dimensions are the same.

Keep an eye on the screen and you’ll discover the standard laptop screen dimensions.

How To Measure Laptop Screen Size?

I’ll explain how to measure laptop screen size in easy steps. The dimensions of the screen are in inches. 1 inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

First, you need the measuring tape. The standard measuring tapes are in inches, but if you reside in a different area in which you are using an metric measurement system you can convert centimeters into inches.

Now Pick a starting point from where you will start measuring. Start from the upper or lower corner. The most important is to measure it diagonally. The only thing you have to measure is the actual screen not the edge of the plastic part.

Now expand your measuring tape to the opposite end from the point you began, and you’re done.

Television, laptops, and monitors are measured diagonally in order to sound larger and more stunning. It is possible to use a ruler instead measuring tape.

How To Know Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring?

There are few methods how to know laptop screen size without measuring.

You can look up your laptop’s specifications on the internet. There’s plenty of information that is useful regarding your display and the various laptop components.

To determine the specifications of your laptop online, enter the exact model and brand name of your laptop, even knowing the model it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to find the correct specifications.

Find label on your laptop. The label will contain information about the company and model. It’s typically located at the bottom of your laptop.

If you don’t intend to go online to look for information You can find the necessary information within your laptop’s settings too.

Go the settings and open Display settings, you’ll find all the information you require.

There are online applications that allow you to measure laptop screen virtually. You simply enter the specifications of your screen, like resolution, display size and then they calculate the rest or you move the mouse cursor diagonally from one end to the other.

Online applications are an excellent choice because they allow you to measure in less than a second.


1. How Many Laptop Screen Sizes Are?

Laptop screen sizes  ranges between 11.1 inches and up to 17.3 inches. The majority of laptops range from 13-15 inches due to the need of their convenience. Smaller models are convenient and easy to carry around.

Laptop screen size in inchesLaptop screen size in cm
11.1 inch28.2 cm
13 inches33.02 cm
15 inches38.01 cm
17 inches43.04 cm

2. Does Laptop Screen Size Dictates Resolution Quality?

The size of laptop screen determines the resolution. The laptop screen is comprised of pixels. Pixels are small squares with color that form a grid. larger numbers of pixels translate to higher quality image.

Laptop screen sizeResolutions (in inches)
between 13 and 15 inches is the standard1400 x 1050
Widescreen 13-15 inches1280 x 800
17 inches widescreen1680 x 1050