How To Remove Computrace From A Laptop | Best Guide 2023

how to remove computrace from a laptop

What is computrace and how to remove Computrace from a laptop. Cybercrime has advanced a lot since the days when wires and security pads were used. The Computrace module is attached to the motherboard of the laptop and transmits a GPS signal which indicates its location. This function can be disabled permanently to add an extra layer of security to your laptops.

Computrace isn’t available in every laptop. You can permanently activate or deactivate using the BIOS menu. However, you cannot change the settings once it is changed.

How To Remove Computrace From A Laptop

There are 5 methods how to remove computrace from your laptop.

Method 1. How To Remove Computrace From A Laptop Through BIOS

Step 1: Turn off your laptop by pressing the Power button at the top of the keypad.

Step 2: Now turn on your laptop and wait for the emblem of the laptop manufacturer to display and press the BIOS access key. BIOS keys can vary on different laptops, the most common way to open the BIOS is to press the “F2” key.

Step 3: You can only use arrow keys to access the “Security tab” in the BIOS main menu. There are three options. It is more likely that the “Inactive” option has been chosen.

Step 4: Select the “Disable” option to permanently disable the computers. Then, press the “Enter”. It will be permanently deactivated and it cannot be activated.

Step 5: You can save your BIOS settings by pressing the “F10” key. The machine will then reboot into its operating system.

Method 2. Uninstalling Computrace

This option is only available in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. Click Start from taskbar and open  Programs and select uninstall a program.

Find Computrace LoJack Laptop Premium in the list and Uninstall it.

Method 3. Uninstaller.Exe

Computrace LoJack for Laptop Premium includes Uninstall.exe also known as uninst000.exe files within the Installation Folder.

  1. First step is Installation of Computrace LoJack in the Laptop Premium installation folder.
  2. Installation is necessary because It will be possible to use either X, or uninstall000.exe.
  3. Now follow the instructions to uninstall Computrace LoJack.

Method 4: Use System Restore.

Windows comes with a system restoration function that allows users to factory rest the laptop and helps to remove unwanted applications. It is suggested that you should create a backup of your files and data before restoring your system.

  • Make sure that there are no programs running.
  • Go to properties by right clicking on My Computer.  
  • Now choose System Protection option. A window named System Properties will appear.
  • Choose another point of recovery and select Next.
  • From the drop-down menu, select an appropriate format for date and time and then proceed to the next step.
  • To confirm the restoration, press Finish.

Method 5: Disable Laptop Premium

Incorrect or damaged files can hinder the program from being removed. To resolve this issue is to install Computer Jack for Laptop Premium. Install the program using the installer that you downloaded from an original drive.


Do I need to disable Computrace?

If Windows is embedded in the Computrace it puts you at risk of system damage. Then you should disable Computerace.

How to locate Computrace on laptop?

With the help of task Manager or file within C: Windows System 32 directory is the best and simple method to find computrace.

Could an Dell laptop be tracked down if stolen or lost?

If your dell laptop is stolen or lost the user should contact the Dell Tracking and Recovery Support center according to any applicable agreement with customer services.


I have tried my best to assist you how to remove computrace from a laptop. This article will help you to solve this issue, so be sure to read it thoroughly. Please share your suggestions in the comments section below If you have any concerns about this article.

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