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How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Laptop Screen In 2024?

how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen

Are you interested in knowing how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen ? Here, you will find the estimated price and repairing tips in detail.

If you accidentally fall your laptop and damage the screen, it’s certain to be a disaster. The replacement of a laptop’s screen could cost between $200 to $600 with parts and labor depending on the brand of your laptop.

 If the laptop that fell out of your hands is a gaming laptop the repair cost for the screen may be higher than the amount.

1. What Is The Average Cost To Fix a Laptop Screen?

Screens of damaged laptops can be a complex issue to resolve, and the consequences can be extremely expensive. There are a variety of repairs you could do at home. However, there are some repairs which you must leave to professionals.

Repairs that require expertise and tools must have the assistance of a skilled technician as the results of a poorly executed repair could be grave.

The cost to repair the screen of your laptop, as per our national survey the average cost is $196.69.  

Naturally, laptop screen replacement cost depend on the model and model of the laptop, as well as the specific kind of damage. The price is for the screen and not for the complete laptop, which comprises the keyboard as well as the battery, as well as other parts.

2. Replace The Screen Rather Than The Whole Laptop

A broken laptop screen can be an extremely frustrating scenario to be in and isn’t easy to figure out the best course of action. Do you need to go to a repair facility for repair it?

Do you need to purchase another one?

Therefore, replacing a laptop’s screen is more reliable than purchasing a brand new screen.

It can save you cash.All you have to do is determine what it will cost to repair a laptop screens and you’re prepared to go.After you’ve figured out what it costs to repair a screens, you can send your laptop to a specialist.

3. Do I need to uninstall Games / Applications before fixing the screen?

If you’re taking part in Games Like Sims 4 etc on your laptop, and you’d like to change the display. I recommend keeping your data in a safe place and there’s no need to uninstall , as the case if I’m using the wordfeud generator online , and the screen on my laptop is stuck it is possible to connect to it on a different device. So, you don’t have to be concerned about your online Applications or games.

4. How To Repair a Broken Laptop Screen?

A broken laptop’s screen can be an absolute discomfort however an broken laptop is even more painful. The pain is more terrible when your laptop is not covered by warranty. The moment your laptop repair company arrives to repair your broken laptop’s screen, the damage is already done.

So what can be done to fix this issue?

In the beginning, you’ll have to replace the cracked screen that’s easy enough. The next step is to replace your LCD ribbon cable. However, which can be a bit more difficult. In the end, you’ll have to replace the flexible cable which is more difficult.

In the majority of laptops with a broken screen will not prevent users from using their laptops however, the expense of replacing the screen could be quite costly.

We do not advise you to continue using an broken screen for any length of period of time because it’s unreliable. Learn how much does it costs to fix a laptop screen that is more specific to the model of your laptop. If you find the cost fix the screen within the time frame you have set.

5. Why Do Laptop Screen Break?

Laptop screens fail frequently, and when you consider how difficult to find high quality replacement parts it’s a fairly regular issue.

Laptop makers are known for not providing high-quality components. It’s common for the screen to be made out of glass that is more susceptible to breakage as it grows older.

Laptop Screens crack due to many different reasons. The most frequent is due to the broken hinge. Over time, cracks could lead to the screen not being able to displays properly.

In the event of a catastrophe the screen may have been repaired, but the hinge is broken. In this scenario there is a way to repair the screen, without replacing it.

6. How To Prevent Your Laptop Screen From Breaking?

“Screen breaking” is a term applied to denote the breaking of laptop’s screens caused by a sudden impact. In certain instances the shattering could be due to the screen falling or force being applied to the screen,

The screen is at risk of fracture, which can lead to cracks within the screen’s surface that could result in into the breaking of the screen.

If you’re using a laptop, screen cracking is not a rare incident. However, there isn’t much you can do to avoid your screen from breaking. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort and time, you can increase the value of your laptop and it can last for longer and decrease the chance for it to break.

If the damage is done, you will need to research How much it cost to fix a laptop screen. After you’ve gotten the idea of how price to repair laptop screens, it’s recommended to hurry and buy an entirely new screen.

7. Tips to Repair a Laptop screen.

Check Repairing Cost online

It is essential to verify the cost on the internet by visiting the various websites for estimates of replacing your broken display on your laptop.

Simply type in the laptop model into the field to search for the model Now, you can look at the prices the technician gave you to repair.

It is typical cost you between $40 to $200 on these sites, while the technician will charge you $100-$500. It is yours to make, whether to take it to a tech to fix it or repair your own at your home which would cost less.

Find an expert technician

It is recommended that you find highly skilled technician who understands the brand of your laptop or works with similar laptops. It is essential to purchase the correct and precise parts of your laptop, otherwise a wrong orders can result in more costly repairs.

The technician will know quickly what parts need to be replaced. Decide first if you want to take your laptop to a professional technician or repair it by yourself.

It isn’t difficult to identify the replacement screen for your broken laptop. It is however important to be aware of what compatibility the parts with the motherboard.


Laptops are an essential tool in modern educational, business, and industry. In case your device is in excellent condition and is functioning well, you’ll be able to finish work without difficulty. If there is an accident when your laptop’s screen gets damaged, then you are unable to access all your personal and public data.

It is therefore necessary to repair your laptop’s screen in order to ensure that your data is safe. If your laptop contains important information, then it doesn’t matter how much it will cost\ to fix the screen in order to access the data.