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How To Scroll Through Servers On Discord in 2024

how to scroll through servers on discord

Today we will explain how to scroll through servers on discord for laptops. In the meantime, before we move on to the issue of how to scroll through servers on discord on laptop, we would like to share our own personal experiences and the method we used to accomplish this. The idea is why we’ll demonstrate how to incorporate a scroll bar into your Windows application to allow discord.

9 Steps: How to Scroll Through Servers On Discord

Step 1

The first step is to download extension using Google Chrome. This is specifically applicable to either the Windows or Mac device, however alternative options can be utilized in lieu. Which option is the best one for you, it’s your choice!

Step 2

To utilize the scrolling code to display on you Discord server, just visit this link and choose the content you would like to display by your code.

Step 3

After downloading the file, open the file and select “Import”. Once you’ve Import, done this you’ll be able to access the content of this web page from any computer returning to File Explorer.

Step 4

To access this extension, you must click the link. You will then have to click on an ad, but nothing else happens after that, so you can go to close it.

Step 5

The new scroll bar performs a little differently from the previous one. When you place your mouse in the scroll bar the pointer appears as the shape of a hand.

Step 6

So we’re going to explain how you can integrate the scroll bar into your application. The first step is to visit the link. Then select all by pressing the CTRL + C keys. You can then return to the application you’re working on.

Step 7

To access the console, press the icon to open the drop-down menu. Choose Console from that menu . after that, when the console is operational then copy and paste it.

Step 8

If you see your screen, examine it. Make sure you run an errand before you close the browser just like the web users.

Step 9

If you’ve been searching for an option to scroll up and down in your Discord application, the solution is easy! Move your mouse around the two slots, then click on the button, and you’ll be able to scroll down and up with no mouse. This method is perfect for you since it’s fast and simple.


It is helpful to be aware of various ways to using a laptop’s with a touchpad instead of a mouse. If you do not like to do scrolling you can press CTRL + home multiple times. It will assist you continue scrolling. Most people get confused on how to scroll through servers on discord using a laptop and need assistance without paying any focus on the fact that they could do it themselves.

It is important to remember that there is no way to make everything appropriate for everyone. Discord permits users to be who are at least one year old age, however it doesn’t verify users’ age when they sign up. It is possible that there are some content that is inappropriate for children in Discord. might be available. This is why you need to keep the balance and check. It is however the best alternative method of scrolling through discord servers using your laptop.


Q1- How to scroll up in the discord?

Place your cursor on any text, and then click jump from the box to the right. This will allow you to jump up.

Q2- Can I discord without using a mouse?

Yes, by Discord keys on your keyboard

Q3- How to check the message on the server without scrolling?

The message is always displayed at the top, so it’s not necessary to scroll to view the messages.