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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop in 2024 [ Step By Step Guide ]

how to connect nintendo switch to laptop

The Nintendo Switch is the next generation of handhelds. It’s the most popular handhelds to date, and it is Nintendo’s most popular product. In this post we’ll guide how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop.

Switch also revolutionized performance for the handheld device. Although it is small and thin in size , the Switch has huge computing power. The potential of this game is evident in its capability to run AAA games that feature high-quality graphic and video frames.

Connecting the Nintendo Switch to laptop can open up the world of possibilities.

Requirements To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Before we start, there are certain accessories you’ll need. Without them you won’t be able to connect the Nintendo switch to laptop, which makes the following accessories necessary for a full experience.

  • Capture Card
  • Nintendo Dock
  • HDMI Cable

Capture Card

The capture card is very important to connect your laptop to Nintendo Switch. We suggest Elgato Game Capture HD 60s to achieve this goal. The capture card is loved by the Switch creators of community and is regarded as the most effective.

Nintendo Dock

The Nintendo dock is essential to connect a Switch to laptops since all options for connectivity are within the dock. The users who use the Dock will be able to agree that without a dock, the Switch is reduced to just a handheld device.

If you don’t have the dock, it’s the best time to get one.

HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable is the most commonly used cable for video recording and display purposes. We suggest purchasing a high-end HDMI cable for smooth experience.

Step By Step Guide: How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Connect Nintnedo Switch to your laptop by following the easy steps bellow.

  1. Connecting the dock cable to the USB-C port of the Nintendo Switch
  2. Dock should be connected to the power outlet.
  3. Connect HDMI cable from the dock in to the HDMI port on the capture card, that is Elgato HD 60s.
  4. Switch on the power on the Nintendo Switch
  5. Connect a USB cable to the card into your laptop
  6. Take a couple of minutes before opening your streamlabs OBS software.
  7. The program will instantly recognize it as the Nintendo Switch, Now you can connect your Nintendo Switch to laptop to play your favourite Switch games.


1. Is it Possible to Connect Switch To A Laptop Without Capture Card?

The simple answer is no. Whatever someone says to you about it, you can’t use your laptop as an Nintendo Switch without a capture card. In the absence of a capture card the signal from the laptop won’t be processed, so the screen won’t show any information.

2. What Software Should I Use With Capture Card?

There are a lot of alternatives to choose from, we recommend Streamlabs OBS. This software has an excellent user interface that’s easy to navigate , and the setting menu is very well organized.


The best part about connecting Nintendo Switch to laptop is that it open’s many possibilities to make usage for the Nintendo Switch with ways that were not previously explored. What are you waiting for? Grab the right accessories and transform the Nintendo Switch into a more adaptable system by connecting it with your laptop.